Manchester Refractory provides a range of refractory engineering services to the power generation, chemical, petrochemical, steel, Hospital and cement industries.

We specialise in providing bespoke refractory solutions to suit any project and any budget, and can project manage complex refractory applications from start to finish and work within rigid time and cost parameters.

This includes first stage design, engineering, maintenance, upgrades, procurement, on-site installation and final commissioning. 

This enables our customers to create custom refractory packages based on the following engineering services: 

  • Proposal for Refractory lining construction
  • Provision of drawings
  • Supply of refractory materials
  • Installation of refractory materials to specification Commissioning
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Pre-casting refractory shapes
  • Workshop installation of refractory linings
  • Any project. Any specification. Anywhere in the World.

Our skilled in-house team of engineers can handle projects of any size in any location and design, supply and install refractories to meet any specification or operating conditions. We also have the technical expertise to repair and extend the life of existing refractories to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.